Begin Transmission–

My name is –KZZCHT– and these ar– my final thoughts. I’ve been stuc– ere for days now, on this motherfu– island in the middle of th– tic Ocean. I… I’m not sure wh– my coordinates are, so I’m tr– mitting this on all frequencies, or at lea– ope I am. I wasn’t suppo– to be here, but the pilot just keeled over an– ed, mid-flight and we just… nose-dived onto the bea– few miles away from here. I crashe– ith my wife, Cath– nd our daughter, Ro– erished in the crash. I am– ly survivor. I managed to pull– self from the crash site and made my way up– beach. I found a small, concret– ilding, kind of looked li– shack. I went inside and passe– t almost immediately. About ten minutes ago, I awoke and saw I w– cuffed to a radiator in the corner of a dif– oom. I mana– escape by dislocating and rip– off my left hand using the cuffs. I freed my right hand– enching a bar off the radiator. I made my way to– and subdued the guard by hitting him once in the– and twice in– head. He wore a white– some kind of armour, something way too advanced– covered from head to toe. Noticed he had some ki– arking on his chest tha– ooked like some kind of– essed up hand print, with four lo– ingers instead of five. I notic– uard had four long fingers on each hand. His leg– pretty messed up, too. Almo– eemed too long. I manag– make my way down a long, dark corrido– had to take down two more guards. I took– by surprise, but the secon– oticed me and yelled in some language I didn– cognize. Scared the living– outta me. I swung the bar over my hea– caught it and kicked me to the floor. I tried to get– kicked me back down and screamed– atever language that was. I was blee– etty badly, but I got to my feet and– until it stopped moving. I picked up the bar and– along the corridor, until I got to a room mark– symbols unlike anything I’ve seen before, but luckily had– icture of a small radio tower. Went in, lock– hind me, and sat dow– the console. I flipp– every switch on the board. I hope to God some– can hear this. I’m going– die. I know it. But these– not human. Not sure what they are, but they’re def– ot human. Oh God, they’re at the doo– eaking in, but that’s okay because soon I’ll be– I’m bleeding badly. This is it, they’re– ET AWAY FROM ME YOU BAST– KZZCHT– EMME GO YOU SICK FU– KZZCHT– All fine, we are the fine– esting emergency broadcast danger alert– ontinue worshipping oil dollar god– void the Atlantic Water-Plains at all prices– afer for civilian people to stay alive and at their home– thank you are welcome end transmission– KZZCHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT


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