The Monster

It’s listening. Always listening. It knows I’m there, hiding in the walls, the vents. Waiting for me to stumble into the light so it can destroy me.
But that time is far from now. That damned sentinel is always alert– when I peek from the crack in the wall, it knows, it knows! And every time, it screams– oh, how it screams! The wretched creature opens its horrible, caustic maw and splits the air with its shrieks.
I’ve sought refuge elsewhere– in the closet, in the attic, in the basement, behind the sofa, under the bed. And every night, that unholy terror finds me. It sends its gargantuan minions, Him and Her, to hunt me, to tear me asunder, to bathe the land in their unnatural light.
The dark is my salvation. The dark is what’s kept me alive for all this time.
I’ve no idea how long I’ve been the creature’s captive. For the salvation of the shadows distorts time as it sees fit. What was once a day is now a year, what once was yesterday is now a lifetime ago. But I accept this timeless fate, for as long as the demon-light is restrained, I will live.
The creature once slept. There was a time, shortly after my arrival in this land of burning light, when it knew not of my existence. I was free to roam, free to speak, free to live.
We knew of each other, but spoke not of or to one another. We had an unspoken deal, a silent truce.
But the creature broke that truce! Screamed at me, shattered reality with its mind-rending screech! It struck the air, pierced it, and from the broken atmosphere They came– the gargantuans who stand guard over the demon. They brought with Them the burning light, and scoured the land of all places where I might rest.
Since then, I’ve snuck and crept through the walls, plotting my escape.
I want only to leave. Only to disappear into the night I once called home.
It’s spotted me. Its screams are splitting the air, and I’m– I can’t move! I’m stuck! The creature– it knew I was here, watching, waiting for my chance to vanish! It knew and–
They’ve come. They’re here.
Him and Her. They see me, for the first time. They’re screaming, shrieking, splitting the air–
She is running for the demon, it looks small in Her arms. Why– He’s running. Away from the door. He’s gone. She’s screaming, and so is It. It must die. I must rid myself of the screaming. I must defend myself if I’m to esca–
He’s back. Holding a– a weapon, of sorts.


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